Quotes on Life

sunflower and garden bench
Prose blossoms thought as does the budding seed flower ~ K. D’Angelo
Each choice made is a star, charting the moments, creating the constellation of your life ~K. D’Angelo
Like the petals of a rose gently you unfold my heart into a blossom of Love ~K. D’Angelo
Like the folds of a rose you hold my heart, beautiful till’ it falls apart ~K. D’Angelo
Mourn not fallen petals, lest the splendor of the rose be forgotten  ~K. D’Angelo
In echoes of nature, one’s soul speaks ~K. D’Angelo
The Robin cannot sing the Lark’s song ~K. D’Angelo
In many mediums does the creative soul dabble, but the most divine artistry is crafted with Love  ~K. D’Angelo
Nothing more irresistible than the eyes of one who has glimpsed your Soul
~K. D’Angelo
Your beauty causes my heart to weep, as an endless spring of joy, is my love for you
~K. D’Angelo
Wisdom colors the Soul as Autumn the turning leaves ~ K. D’Angelo
On a breath of Grace, dandelion wishes soar to blossoming dreams ~ K. D’Angelo
Nature serenades me and happily I lose myself in her sweet song ~K. D’Angelo
Tender moments shared are the sweet & burgeoning buds of spring ~K. D’Angelo
Love as the rose, who shares her divine fragrance so freely ~K. D’Angelo
Mar time with the imprints of love and fashion the fossils of eternity ~K. D’Angelo
Nothing you can hold in your hand could ever be as precious as what you hold in your heart ~K. D’Angelo
Kiss only lips which speak wisely, laugh often and whisper love ~K. D’Angelo
Wisdom is a treasure not easily shared. Be a pirate of the purest sort, a crusader for the vessel of the heart.  ~K. D’Angelo
Patriot Soul of an unmarked grave lives in the eyes of freedom ~K. D’Angelo
The echo of your thoughts colors the world. Paint something beautiful! ~K. D’Angelo
The pen is my lover, paper my affair ~K. D’Angelo
One cannot be a man’s token, when they have been another’s treasure ~ K. D’Angelo
Quotes are the rainbows of reflection ~k.d’angelo
The doorway to the heart opens only one way ~K. D’Angelo
You cannot control fate with fear or worry, any more than you could direct a raindrop where to fall, but you can put up your umbrella! ~K. D’Angelo
Life is the experience wrapped up in the gift of time,
Love is the experience wrapped up in the gift of life ~ K. D’Angelo
Had my day in the sun, think I prefer the shade ~K. D’Angelo
Waves of time soften even the hardest of stones ~K. D’Angelo
Intuition is a glint in the web of time ~K. D’Angelo
Waltz with my heart and make my Soul sing ~ K. D’Angelo
A million words written to move us to one single act which require none… Love
~K. D’Angelo
When you’ve lost your smile, true love finds it for you ~K. D’Angelo
Today is yesterday’s future and soon to be the past so live it now! ~K. D’Angelo
If you are inclined to give the shirt off your back, then by all means disrobe and expose your heart ~ K. D’Angelo
Sands of time cease to fall amidst love’s kiss ~K. D’Angelo
We are vessels on the sea of life. Set sail for this adventure, delight in the waves, the calm, the storm, the stars, the dawn! ~K. D’Angelo
Tears, move as gentle rains upon my cheek, overflow my heart with love ~K. D’Angelo
Demand not, disheartened souls to live, rather love them back to life ~K. D’Angelo
One who resides only within the confines of his mind does not truly live ~K. D’Angelo
Paths paved in wisdom, grace and strength always lead to peace ~K. D’Angelo
Great photography, captures in image, the depth of what the soul can see  ~K. D’Angelo
Know the mountain upon which you stand before preaching upon it ~K. D’Angelo
Tis’ a silly little snowflake who fears the sun! ~K. D’Angelo
Family is the safety net in the circus of life~ K. D’Angelo
Capture time or become it’s captive ~K. D’Angelo
Imagine your relief when you discover that the snake is just a length of rope. Imagine the peace when that rope untwists into nothingness ~K. D’Angelo
Raking, raking, raking… always more to do. Pause, breathe in autumn, dry leaves swirl, sycamores dance with sun, a sparrow sings. Raking, raking, raking… smile, life is a beautiful tune!  Swirling leaves gently fall upon my fears ~K. D’Angelo
Once I missed timelessness and wondered why it could not exist in time, then I remembered it is eternity which holds the moment ~K. D’Angelo
Guilt and judgment seep through my veins like venoms whose only antidote is Love ~K. D’Angelo
Often times I feel as if I waver in and out of the world like a single piece of thread being woven into a tapestry. Sometimes I find great joy in being part of the grand masterpiece, at other moments, I feel lost in its vastness ~K. D’Angelo
As the inner-workings if a clock, our thoughts work together with the universe to create our consciousness, our experience, our own personal movement of time ~K. D’Angelo
It is best if someone wanders into the Garden on their own, drawn by fragrant flower, song of bird and brook… Sits a while, breathes in Grace and upon departing, longs to return again and again ~K. D’Angelo
What is a moment out of time but eternity ~K. D’Angelo
Beyond logic, only Love can reach ~K. D’Angelo
Don’t kick it in, Kick it up! ~K. D’Angelo
It is much easier to welcome someone into the world than to help them depart it ~K. D’Angelo
How can I not enthuse life, as long as the sun rises, another flower to enjoy, butterflies flutter by, a hand to touch, another moon to smile back at ~K. D’Angelo