Poetry on Butterflies

Poetry on Butterflies

— by kristen d’angelo —


 Angels hymn a fairied wing, in arrangement of butterfly flown… ~K. D’Angelo

Lonely is the Flower

How lonely is the flower And sad noontime hour Breeze gives no pardon Nor a longing garden Wistful nectar and dew Winged companions blue Heaven turns agloom At loss of flighted bloom Color drops from sky When Butterfly does not fly ~K. D'Angelo

Dance of the Butterflies

Tiny miracles flutter by Enchantment adrift upon the sky Charming patterns of hue painted on wing Melodies of seduction they do sing Flowers, friend and foe are engaged Intrigue and fascination are waged Spectators follow with captive eyes The alluring dance of the...

Butterfly Days

Butterfly Days Take the day Remember the glory that surrounds you Behold colorful Angels softly fluttering Watch with delight while a butterfly's beauty Reflects in the sparkle of your eye Know only grace as she circles from above Gently embracing your heart Soar...

Breezes of Spring

Breezes of Spring Sweet life is borne on Breezes of Spring A tiny new bud, an egg left by wing... Caterpillar and flower frolic happily together With raindrops and rays amidst clement weather Scarlet-gold leaves herald in changing light Turning friends to chrysalis n'...

A Shadow’s Dance

A Shadow's Dance Amoungst timbered Shades of noon Waltzing flyers sing Flutters dark Whisper glimpses light Via painted Wing Aerial dramas Stellar set On terra verdant stage Of graceful Angels Canopies hint Mysteries are played Ever musing A Shadow's dance Created...

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