Poetry on Spirituality

Poetry on Spirituality

— by kristen d’angelo —


In skies of Grace blues dance, tiny wings of joy waltz as Heaven’s glance ~K. D’Angelo


Winged Spirit

Winged Spirit Ariel beacon before nightfall Silently catches the sunset  Slowly circling twilight grace Each golden flash an invitation  Soaring lantern above hill & vale Beyond shadowy lands He calls   Shepherding feather, crimson lit...

Sacred Bloom

Petals held tightly Sealed blindly Hold star fall Catch wing call Dreaming bud Awaken to Love Seasons of rental Turn perpetual Caterpillar and root From earthen soot Dawn will come Seed from Sun Flower by lunar light Flair golden sight Petal soft lullabies Blossom...

Angel’s Wing

Soft feathers, ivory and gold Make an angels wing I am told Soar out of time, beyond the bow On ray, to see what butterflies know That lions courage with crested oaks A heavenly maiden's downy cloak Faith of Cross soars through night As her papilio spirit's honored...

At Rose Center

At Rose center Lone souls enter Softness goes round Red beauty crowned Enfolded, engaged On Love's stage Tender velvet form Divinely adorned Petals perfumed One single bloom With sacred Passion Pure hearts fashioned ~K. D'Angelo

Dance Demure

  Soul & mind on checkered floor of Creation Lovers gaze under lunar nation  Moon mischiefs a grinned reply False prophet of evening sky Dawning Star glimpsed a dream Set afire upon horizon gleamed Grace dances demurely with Her reflection In the finite waltz...

Faith in Flight

  Faith in Flight Stars during the Day Rainbows at Night Forever within a Flower Eternity in Sight Waves upon the Desert Oceans of Might Peace amongst a Storm Rain pouring Light Ice dancing with Fire Love holds Tight God Everywhere Faith in Flight -K....

A Christmas Gift

Heavenly Father, Lord of Love, Creator of All, Humbly I beseech you to hold me in your grace May the embrace of Angels lend strength, To my Brothers, Sisters and I May the wisdom of your most blessed Son, Jesus, guide us upon our earthly paths May the Holy Spirit find...

An Easter Gift

Heavenly Father, Lord of Love, Creator of All, Faithfully I rest in the splendor of your grace Angels cradle my elated being, embracing it ever so softly, Jesus walks lovingly with me, upon a path, divinely paved in peace The Holy Spirit whispers gently to my soul,...

Snow Flower

Snow Flower A perfect snowflake falls Gently descending Into a journey unending It begins by Waking to a dream Of melting into stream Then travels As rainbow mist Of waterfall color kissed Only to rise again A cloud cast night Cloaking the moon’s soft light Once more...

Knowing God

God does not know words, He just Is God does not know time, Only Eternity God is Love Love and you shall know God  -K. D’Angelo  

Warp & Weft the Loom

 Interlaced threading Warp & weft the loom Silken gold, love & faith Stitches wove to bloom Textiled grace A Soul’s mastery Sley the reed To divine tapestry  ~K. D'Angelo