Quotes on Life

Quotes on Life

— by kristen d’angelo —

Your stardust… sprinkle a little light wherever you go!
~K. D’Angelo

Prose blossoms thought as does the budding seed flower ~ K. D’Angelo


Each choice made is a star, charting the moments, creating the constellation of your life ~K. D’Angelo


Like the petals of a rose gently you unfold my heart into a blossom of Love ~K. D’Angelo


Like the folds of a rose you hold my heart, beautiful till’ it falls apart ~K. D’Angelo


Mourn not fallen petals, lest the splendor of the rose be forgotten  ~K. D’Angel0


In echoes of nature, one’s soul speaks ~K. D’Angelo


The Robin cannot sing the Lark’s song ~K. D’Angelo


In many mediums does the creative soul dabble, but the most divine artistry is crafted with Love  ~K. D’Angelo


Nothing more irresistible than the eyes of one who has glimpsed your Soul
~K. D’Angelo


Your beauty causes my heart to weep, as an endless spring of joy, is my love for you
~K. D’Angelo


Wisdom colors the yearning soul as Autumn the turning leaves gold ~ K. D’Angelo


On a breath of Grace, dandelion wishes soar to blossoming dreams ~ K. D’Angelo


As a beautiful and infinite thread, your Soul shines brightly, woven into the divined tapestry of Love
~K. D’Angelo


Nature serenades me and happily I lose myself in her sweet song ~K. D’Angelo


Tender moments shared are the sweet & burgeoning buds of spring ~K. D’Angelo


Love as the rose, who shares her divine fragrance so freely ~K. D’Angelo


Mar time with the imprints of love and fashion the fossils of eternity ~K. D’Angelo


Nothing you can hold in your hand could ever be as precious as what you hold in your heart ~K. D’Angelo


Mother Nature never fails to inspire. She is courageous, bold and beautiful in every season of her life, as I seek to be in mine. ~K. D’Angelo


From winter’s Snow, compassion flow’s til’ fountains of flowers Spring ~K. D’Angelo


Kiss only lips which speak wisely, laugh often and whisper love ~K. D’Angelo


Wisdom is a treasure not easily shared. Be a pirate of the purest sort, a crusader for the vessel of the heart.  ~K. D’Angelo


Patriot Soul of an unmarked grave lives in the eyes of freedom ~K. D’Angelo


The echo of your thoughts colors the world. Paint something beautiful! ~K. D’Angelo


The pen is my lover, paper my affair ~K. D’Angelo


Melodies of Love never go out of tune ~ K. D’Angelo


One cannot be a man’s token, when they have been another’s treasure ~ K. D’Angelo


Quotes are the rainbows of reflection ~k.d’angelo Like the petals of a rose slowly you unfold my life as a soaring blossom ~K. D’Angelo


The doorway to the heart opens only one way ~K. D’Angelo


You cannot control fate with fear or worry, any more than you could direct a raindrop where to fall, but you can put up your umbrella! ~K. D’Angelo


Life is the experience wrapped up in the gift of time,
Love is the experience wrapped up in the gift of life ~ K. D’Angelo


You can see the most beautiful things puddled in the reflections of a storm ~K, D’Angelo


Waves of time soften even the hardest of stones ~K. D’Angelo


Intuition is a glint in the web of time ~K. D’Angelo


Waltz with my heart and make my Soul sing ~ K. D’Angelo


A million words written to move us to one single act which require none… Love
~K. D’Angelo

When you’ve lost your smile, true love finds it for you ~K. D’Angelo


Today is yesterday’s future and soon to be the past so live it now! ~K. D’Angelo


If you are inclined to give the shirt off your back, then by all means disrobe and expose your heart ~ K. D’Angelo


Sands of time cease to fall amidst love’s kiss ~K. D’Angel0


We are vessels on the sea of life. Set sail for this adventure, delight in the waves, the calm, the storm, the stars, the dawn! ~K. D’Angelo


Tears, move as gentle rains upon my cheek, overflow my heart with love ~K. D’Angel0


Demand not, disheartened souls to live, rather love them back to life ~K. D’Angelo


One who resides only within the confines of his mind does not truly live ~K. D’Angelo


Paths paved in wisdom, grace and strength always lead to peace ~K. D’Angelo


Great photography, captures in image, the depth of what the soul can see  ~K. D’Angelo


Know the mountain upon which you stand before preaching upon it ~K. D’Angelo


Tis’ a silly little snowflake who fears the sun! ~K. D’Angelo


Family is the safety net in the circus of life~ K. D’Angelo


Capture time or become it’s captive ~K. D’Angel0


Imagine your relief when you discover that the snake is just a length of rope. Imagine the peace when that rope untwists into nothingness ~K. D’Angelo


Raking, raking, raking… always more to do. Pause, breathe in autumn, dry leaves swirl, sycamores dance with sun, a sparrow sings. Raking, raking, raking… smile, life is a beautiful tune!  Swirling leaves gently fall upon my fears ~K. D’Angelo


Once I missed timelessness and wondered why it could not exist in time, then I remembered it is eternity which holds the moment ~K. D’Angelo


Guilt and judgment seep through my veins like venoms whose only antidote is Love ~K. D’Angelo


Often times I feel as if I waver in and out of the world like a single piece of thread being woven into a tapestry. Sometimes I find great joy in being part of the grand masterpiece, at other moments, I feel lost in its vastness ~K. D’Angelo

As the inner-workings if a clock, our thoughts work together with the universe to create our consciousness, our experience, our own personal movement of time ~K. D’Angelo


With a golden touch Dawn rouses, rolling over the hills like a lovers hand, she raises the verdant, waltzes the clouds blue, then leaves hem all in a blushing hue ~K. D’Angel0


It is best if someone wanders into the Garden on their own, drawn by fragrant flower, song of bird and brook… Sits a while, breathes in Grace and upon departing, longs to return again and again ~K. D’Angelo


Don’t kick it in, Kick it up! ~K. D’Angelo


If you wear to many hats at once, you might loose your head ~K. D’Angelo


It is much easier to welcome someone into the world than to help them depart it ~K. D’Angelo


How can I not enthuse life, as long as the sun rises, another flower to enjoy, butterflies flutter by, a hand to touch, another moon to smile back at ~K. D’Angelo



Read me a bedtime story, tuck me in tight… Sing me a lullaby, an Angel’s kiss goodnight K. D’Angelo 


If you step in love, you cannot go in the wrong direction ~K. D’Angelo 


Wind never fails a vision that sails upon love ~K. D’Angelo 


Waves of time crash upon my mind, refine my shelled thinking to pearled wisdom ~K. D’Angelo 


From autumn skies, my crimson heart flies, migrating for Love ~K. D’Angel0


With yellow, crimson, orange and gold, autumn throws her confetti bold. She welcomes old man winter round, til’ his snowflakes take the ground ~K. D’Angelo


Someone once said I was a “silly stupid dreamer with my head in the clouds all the time”, but you know, I saw some pretty nice things up there! ~K. D’Angelo


Text may speak of Love, but only a voice can Whisper it   ~K. D’Angelo


I am not right, I am not left, I am balanced living in Love ~K. D’Angelo


Your stardust … so sprinkle a little light wherever you go! ~K. D’Angelo


For a black sheep, I am pretty colorful! ~K. D’Angelo 


Seek for the face of perfection in your lover and you will find yourself alone ~K. D’Angelo 


The absence of relationship, rather it be self-imposed or not, is toxic to the spirit, for two are always needed to bear sweet fruit. ~K. D’Angelo 


Unfolded of the eternal Rose, I am but a faint fragrance of Love, forever lingering in the sweet garden of Grace ~K. D’Angelo


Serenading in a sweet way, Robins welcome warmth each day. At dusk they bid Dawn adieu, knowing her sisters will shine the night through. ~K. D’Angelo 


Spend this day loving well, living with gratitude and in freedom, for these things and more were lost to courageous Soldiers so that you might have the choice to do so ~K. D’Angelo 


The wisdom of many traditions reflects the great truth of the One ~K. D’Angelo


With the remnants of Her gentle rains, Mother Nature is busy carpeting the hills. Verdant velvets she lays, awakening the drowsy with springs of green, calling forth the flying flowers to take wing and gently alight her masterpiece of Grace ~K. D’Angelo