— creating with a purpose —

Unfold your heart

Let it take wing

Release Love

Free the butterfly

When I was a little girl, I delighted in nature & her beautiful butterflies,

but I also knew the simple joy of honoring Love by sharing my Heart.

Behind the Wing

— About Kristen —

Always I treasured butterflies, because they provided a space for my imagination, a field for my dreams.

Life blossomed forth and even though I grew to be an adult, I always kept my spirit open to the place where I danced with butterflies. 

With a grateful heart, I now create to inspire others to, and raise funds for, this magical place of winged joy.

By artful giving, I wish to honor God & keep forth my more youthful & kinder spirit.  With gratitude,
I also hope to inspire creative compassion in others, bringing more Love & peace unto the world.