In the fullness of time every moment is held in the arms of God ~K. D’Angelo


 When I wrote the above quote some time ago, I did not know, I was soon to read a book which embraced it’s essence and far beyond… St. Teresa of Avila and St. Clare of Assisi come alive and touch our hearts via the written words in Megan Don’s books. Meditations with Teresa of Avila (formerly Falling into the Arms of God) and Sacred Companions Sacred Communities are two of my treasured companions. 

Meditations with Teresa of Avila
Meditations with Teresa of Avila invites you to explore the depths of your inner being by following the pathway of the beloved mystic Teresa of Avila. Born into Spanish nobility in 1515, Teresa entered the monastic life at twenty and was eventually guided to reform the Carmelite Order. She blended a rich mystical inner life with everyday work in the secular world, and she remains an unparalleled source of inspiration for living deeply and effectively in both realms.
Always concerned with the practical application of her beliefs, Teresa sought to understand what her visions and experiences meant and whether she was doing all she could. Rejected by many of her contemporaries, she struggled against the many male clerics who tried to invalidate her mystical experiences. Her spiritual exploration formed the basis of the prolific body of writing she left to the world.
Megan Don makes Teresa’s timeless wisdom fully contemporary through translations of Teresa’s words followed by practical interpretations and brief, inviting meditations. In this award-winning book, Teresa of Avila and Don guide you to explore the voice of the Beloved and knowledge of the self, the restlessness of the mind and the care of the body, doubt, loss, intimacy, and more.

sacred companions sacred community megan don

Sacred Companions Sacred Community is a practical and sacred journey into holy companionship. It speaks to the longing inside each of us as we traverse this earth in search of love.Bringing to light the long hidden teachings of Clare of Assisi, the companion, and oft-times, teacher of Francis of Assisi, this book reveals the wisdom of a woman and spiritual leader who followed the callings of her heart with courage and with love.Meditations throughout the book will allow you to enter your own journey of contemplation and companionship, as a single person, in relationship, or as a community.This book is a great companion in itself. It is timely, as we all seek the wisdom in bringing ourselves together as a greater community on this earth, learning how to live and love together in the name of the sacred.”A book like this can-and-will move beyond any ‘birdbath Franciscanism’ into a spirituality that is for women and men, for celibates and partnered, for extroverts and introverts, for people with souls and bodies, and even people both Christian and non Christian.”-Fr. Richard Rohr

Saint Clare of Assisi