Like the petals of a Rose
Gently you unfold my Heart into a Blossom of Love


Fly away from daily stresses while coloring and journaling, taking inspiration from the natural beauty of butterflies showcased in this beautiful new coloring book-journal.

Meditations on Butterflies: A Coloring and Hand-Lettering Activity Journal & Butterfly Gift Book

Meditations on Butterflies features 26 stunning North American butterfly species, from A to Z, for coloring book fans to color and complete. Readers will learn their beautiful winged markings, practice simple calligraphy, and enjoy inspiring nature quotes.

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Meditations on Butterflies: A Coloring & Hand-Lettering Activity Journal

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Butterflies are God’s confetti,
thrown upon the Earth in
celebration of His love
~K. D’Angelo


Be the warmth which
entices the budding
flower to bloom
~K. D’Angelo


Love never fails
a vision that
sails upon Love
~K. D’Angelo

By creating, giving and inspiring via The White Butterfly Fund and her sister sites, GraceWing, Obsession With Butterflies & Metanoia Mentoring, linked below, I seek to inspire joy & peaceful transformation of self & others to God’s Love.

Metanoia Mentoring

A journey of changing
one’s mind, heart,
self or way of life 
to serve love 

Obsession With Butterflies

Nevermore will 
a flying flower
drift by you 

GraceWing Music

Share loves song
sing it up to the skies
watch angels dance
as heaven sighs

A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of books, music, art, writing & photography I have created & sold via The White Butterfly Fund will support CrossBreeze Charities