Close your eyes tight

Sprinkle a little Fairy Dust

Now open them to a Childlike Reverie

Where each twilight twinkle

Is an invitation to dream



Fairies, Pixies or Sprites; it matters not what you call them, as almost every culture has discovered these Wee Folk existing just within the boundaries of their imagination.fairy-with-dog-and-ballons
Throughout the ages, Fays, as they were first named in western European folklore, have been sighted in the dreamy glens of our minds. Into every season these timeless Fancies fly, often bringing upon wing, acts of kindness and sometimes a bit of cheeky mischief too.

A basket of berries trifled with, freshly hung laundry unpinned or fragrant rose buds gone missing, all may be the doings of glittering yet elusive Imps. Peek down a Fairy’s Path to glimpse a clever and fleeting Sprite slipping away on the back of a merry butterfly or keen-witted field mouse.
Although these tiny Echoes often engage in much tomfoolery, they are most inclined to fairy-picking-applescharitable deeds. Showing up like rainbows during a storm, good-natured Fairies will tenderly attend a gentle Soul who is downtrodden. Lavender garnished wreaths, chamomile teas or even sun-dipped honey dew might be left at the doorstep of one who has taken ill in hopes of delivering some healing cheer.

Adoring of youngsters, due to their pure and jovial ways, Fairies also delight in misting a magical sparkle which softly tickles little toeses and noses. A babe’s mirthful laughter is to a Fae as nectar is to the bee, and it is said that every time a toddler giggles a Fairy is born.
A very special Fairy Dust, fashioned with Love, also carries musical blessings upon breeze. These wind-whispered lullabies may be heard not only by children, but by all young-at-heart who truly Believe.
Whether celebrated or not, Fairies, have always lived on the edge of our realities and in thefairy-with-tree-w beds of our gardens too! Fairy Garden lore, it is thought, evolved overtime as our needs to either please or play with Mythicals came about.
Strolling the historical Fairy’s Path we see ethereal gardens of yore where mushroom inspired Fairy Rings became gateways to hidden realms. Within these mysterious circles, tiny treasures of colored stones or perfumed petals were often lain to appease impish Elementals or beguile friendly Fairies.

fairy-w-frogToday, just as in the past, Fairy Gardening spirits us to fanciful place of charms and wonder. Set out some miniature décor, petite garden plants and just a touch of whimsy to invite fairy-resting-on-chairenchanted Fairies into your world.
A lavish and grand garden space is not necessary to build a Fairy Garden. In fact, Brownie folk are more partial to snug and nestled settings. This means that whether you reside in town or country, flat or cottage, you can dream up and design your very own Fairy Garden.

There are no rules to follow when creating a Fairy Garden, except that it is essential you incorporate your most imaginative artistry. Indoors, outdoors, in an over-sized teacup, flowerbed, wheel barrel or pot; Fairies will appear anywhere there is an abundance of romantic reverie to be found.
Miniature furnishings and garden foliage will enhance any Fairy Garden you might conjure. fairy-in-ladleSmall appointments, such as, itty scalloped fencing and bitty stepping stones set the stage for a dwarfed land, where slight benches, gazebos and bistro sets are perfect settings for Pixies picnics. And what Nisse can keep from tinkering with teeny accessories. Yeabig watering cans, birdbaths and gazing balls will entice many a Fairy into your garden. Sprite’s curious and inquisitive natures simply will not allow them to resist such sweet trinkets.

Mini moss topped inns offer warmth to wee travelers who may sojourn your garden. Fun-wearied and plum worn out, they will blithely thank you for providing them such cozy shelters.
Also complimentary to Lilliputian landscapes are miniature scaled garden plants. Delicate fairy-in-tea-cup-2foliage, such as fine shrubbery or lacy vines adorn any proper Fairyland. Dainty but bright flora which serenades and bids a bonnie welcome to any winged passers-by is also a must. Use Baby Tears Moss, Elfin Thyme and Mini Cranesbill to embellish your Fairy Haven. Blue Star Creeper, Sweet Alyssum and Australian Violet are fair additions as well.

A Garden Borne of Love

DSC_2073-Version-2Sunshine sweeps the garden gold
Awakening a symphony of treasure

Vibrant blooms burst rich arbor
Wind moves treetops in measure

 Heaven winks glimmered light
Upon water frolicked stone

Angels hymn a fairied wing
In arrangement of butterfly flown

Breeze and chime divine song
Eden waltzes with verdant blue

Forever fancies a feathered chorus
Paradise is born of melodic hue


Peaceful and serene, Paradise calls to all light-hearted seekers of beauty and grace; children, young and old alike, woodland creatures; deer, bunnies, butterflies, birds, gnomes and fairies too!
Whether your Garden Haven be miniature or vast, it will always be divine when fashioned and sustained with Love…
A special thank you to M & M Nursery in Orange, CA for allowing me to photograph and post your darling fairy garden designs, and, also to artist James Browne for the inspiration and usage of his sweet illustrations! ~K. D’Angelo

Bonny that you stopped by…
Thanks for keeping the magic alive!

~Kristen D’Angelo


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