Gems of Divinity

Cherish a Citrine Sunrise
Delight in Sapphire Skies

Journey Forests of Deep Jade
Watch Amber Leaves Cascade

Glimpse Sweet Violets in Amethyst
Behold Tourmaline as Rainbow Mist

Explore Jasper’s Wooded Maze
Spot Emerald’s in a Leopard’s Gaze

malachite butterfly

Sail Oceans of Aquamarine
Discover Opal on Butterfly Wing

Embrace Garnet as it Turns Twilight
Spy Onyx Heralding in the Night

Revel at Diamonds Sparkling Above
Rejoice as Moonstone Reflects Their Love

Celebrate God’s Canvas of Creativity
Treasures Nature’s Gems of Divinity

K. D’Angelo