Behind the Wing

forget me nots crop I can remember when I began to notice the butterflies again…

I say again, for I believe as small children, always we see the Flying Flowers ~

EktachromeJuly 20, 1996

Awareness is defined as: The state or condition of being aware; having knowledge or consciousness of ~

Once you become mindful of butterflies, you come to wonder how you could have missed seeing them before? How was it you did not glimpse that bit of harnessed sunshine floating by or spy a tiny white miracle upon wing?

Humans are ever evolving creatures, mirroring the Creator’s world which surrounds them. A universe of great mystery and beauty, it is a much a part of us as we are of it. If we can become aware of butterflies, can’t we open our eyes even further to regard those of our society in need.

Man’s lifestyle demands attention, God’s natural world does not know of self-indulgence, but instead in a perfect circle, harmoniously gives as it takes, filling any participant soul with infinite Grace.

Just as giving is part of the universe’s way to balance the natural world, so can you, by showing compassion and Love to others, bring peace unto yourself~


When I was a little girl, I delighted in butterflies, but I also knew the simple joy of honoring God’s Love by sharing my Heart…

A generous percentage of the proceeds from any sale of Butterfly Dream and all sales from go towards supporting TAY -Transitional Age Youth in Crisis.

The TAY population I hold close to m heart. I champion them because they have little representation. Their cry is a voice seldom heard amongst the more know and popularly funded causes. There is a natural kinship I feel. as are we not all, in someway, God’s lost children trying to find our way Home.

Please help the TAY SOAR by donating, either a cash gift,
or share by pledging your artistic expression.

Thank you in advance for your support!
Warm Regards, Kristen

This site is dedicated to our
sweet Lord & Heavenly Father 
to my three children & to all those who
have so selflessly filled my cup with their grace ~
breezes-of-spring1In humble gratitude for your Love,
May my heart overflow as compassion unto the world~ K.D.