Sacred Bloom



Petals held tightly
Sealed blindlyold english pink rose center

Hold star fall
Catch wing call

Dreaming bud
Awaken to Love

Seasons of rental
Turn perpetual

Caterpillar and root
From earthen soot

Dawn will come
Seed from Sun

Flower by lunar light
Flair golden sight


Petal soft lullabies
Blossom angel’s sighs

Heavenly dreams adorn
Breeze spirit borne

Nectar medleys divineVersion 2
Butterfly sipped wine

Linger everlasting fragrance
Sweet faith remembrance

Circle graceful celestial rounds
Til’ darkening fears be bound

Stringed pearls hold up moon
Sunset skies wear veiled hue

Eden of Master Gardener fashioned
Lovingly tended by designer Passion

Roots reach as rivers seeking sea
Minerals of Love stem through thee

Grasp not land, let Sacred Water flow
Til’ in your heart a Bloom does grow

~K. D’Angelo