Butterfly Days

Butterfly Days

Take the day
Remember the glory that
 surrounds you
Behold colorful
Angels softly

Watch with delight
while a butterfly’s beauty
Reflects in the
sparkle of
your eye

Know only grace
as she circles from above
Gently embracing
your heart

Soar peacefully with her
on the wings of the
Perfect love
that you are


What is a “Butterfly Day”? To me, this is a moment, spent out of time, lost, or shall I say found, in the splendors of nature. May I suggest that you take a day, go alone or bring a friend or two, hang out with the butterflies. Enjoy the treasures to be found all around you. From the flutter of a wing to the tiniest fragrant flower, take it all in and then let the beauty you experienced reflect back out from within you!

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