Butterfly Prints by Lorac

Original Butterfly artwork
Pledged by Lorac

Lovely high quality prints are available in size 13×19, 11×14 & 8×10 


Purchasing available via The White Butterfly Fund @ ESTY

24 Butterflies
Choose from~

image descriptionPink Fields Butterfly

image description

Meandering Petals Butterfly

image descriptionTeal Springs Butterfly

image descriptionBlushing Wings Butterfly

image description

Sweet Bliss Butterfly

image description

Leaf Cascades Butterfly

image description

Lavender Lanes Butterfly

image description

Cotton Candy Butterfly

image description

Red Paisley Butterfly


Snow Swirls Butterfly

zebra_star_butterflyZebra Star Butterfly

image descriptionVerde Stripes Butterfly


Stained Glass Garden Butterfly


Spots of Color Butterfly

Seasons_reverie_butterflySeason’s Reverie Butterfly

Rose_blooms_butterflyRose Blooms Butterfly

renaissance_dreams_butterflyRenaissance Heart Butterfly

Peaches_n'_Cream_Butterfly Peaches N’ Cream Butterfly

Myth_of_Red_ButterflyMyth of Red Butterfly

Leopards_dance_ButterflyLeopards Dance Butterfly


Kaleidoscope Wings Butterfly 

flying_faces_2Flying Faces Butterfly

autumn_wings_butterflyAutumn Wings Butterfly

Aqua_Tapestry_ButterlfyAqua Tapestry Butterfly

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